Helping small businesses to use technology.
Making life just a little bit easier.
Sales Enablement
CRM: Architect and implement necessary software to improve the effectiveness of your sales force.
LMS: Architect and implement on-line education systems.
Internet Presence
Web sites (Wordpress), SEO, Social Media
Application Development
It's time to put the spreadsheet to pasture. Cloud based data manipulation applications will improve your productivity and give insite to your business you have never had.
Technology Implementation
Lenovo and Microsoft Technical Partner

A Technical Consulting company with over thirty years in the technology industry. The first twenty-plus, working at IBM helping medium to large business implement solutions and providing sales enablement expertise to the IBM sales force. The past six-plus providing technical knowledge and business development expertise to start-ups and small business.

(That's it in a nutshell, give me a call: Alan Kmiecik (615)261-8538)